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New Homes

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Your Way

Whether you are looking for modern day comfort or an eclectic masterpiece, we have the tools and experience to satisfy your creative ideas.

Nothing basic about our new homes!
  • Design and spec based on YOUR expectations.
  • Work within YOUR expected budget.
  • Colors and interior based on YOUR personality.
  • Completed and work done within YOUR schedule.

Let us help you to create the home of your dreams. We will build the house that you have always dreamed of into the home you deserve.

There is something special starting out with a fresh home of your own. A home that you helped create. One that suits your needs. A home that is as functional and efficient as its owners. Let us help you fill that blank canvas with a space that you will forever be at home with. A new start.

Questions We Get Asked

Condo Renovations.

A lot of contractors are unwilling to deal with some of the hurdles in condo renovations. This is a niche market in which we are happy to manage.

In short, no worries. When we manage the project, every aspect from working with the building owner to city officials is a responsiblity that we take care of. Full service is our specialty.
Our employees share our same passion and drive towards customer service. Although all of our projects are closely monitored, our people are self-motivated and trustworthy.

This depends entirely on the scope of work that is expected.

Of the 60+ condos that we have renovated, the time in which it has taken from start to finish range from 10-45 days. Of the 100+ single family homes we have renovated, the range is 15-120 days. These projects inlcude anywhere from new tile in the bathroom to a complete demolition and new electrical, plumbing and drywall of an interior.

Absolutely! We carry an adequate insurance policy that in the unlikely event that something were to go wrong, both us and you are covered.