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Completed Projects

High Class

This was part of a new build that ROC Home Pros had done in 2020. The light color, under cabinet lighting and nice sized window really prevent shadows from forming. Top it off with some really nice appliances.

Contemporary Seascape

The unique color of backplash adds flavor to this kitchen. This kitchen was featured on the cover of Cliq Magazine as an award winning design.

Crystal Hideaway

The neutral colors accentuate the simplistic, yet beatiful use of this space. Step away from life and let your troubles melt away with the rainshower head.

Illuminated Kitchen

The light, bright tones really make this space shine. Say goodbye to your dark workspace!

Expanded Space

Not all bedrooms are created equal. Some have space limitations. You would be amazed to see how much a lighter coat of paint and a light wood grain flooring can do for the perception of the space.

Chevron Delight

Have you ever seen such a unique and eye-drawing shower tile? Include the gray tone vanity and light wood grain tile floor and you have got a bathroom that will be the talk of the town.

Island Rockefeller

Designs and colors were based on the inspiration of the Rockefeller Mansion in Maine .

Fresh Beginnings

Take a space and make it your own. With the right colors and good quality floor, you will be satisfied for many years!

Ash Splash

The tones of this kitchen were choosen around this unique, neutral color of subway tile backsplash.

Quartz Space

A quartz countertop in your kitchen is bound to get people to take notice. Not only is it durable, it is great at hiding any possible stains.

Warm Touch

A nice taupe finish keeps this space looking large. With amenities such as a heated towel holder, how can you be disappointed?

Pale Tranquility

The neutral, pale tones offer a soothing and inviting space during your cooking creations.

Touch of Red

The smooth, white subway tile is not only beautiful, it is practical. It is easy to clean. You have lots of space for your makeup bag with the oversized vanity here!

Modern Seafoam

A light turqouise, glass tile backsplash in this kitchen really stands out. The gray cabinets bring balance to this kitchen by keeping the tone of this space as impressive, but not obnoxious.

Functional Oasis

With a decorative vanity, beautiful redwood flooring and crsytal light, you won't want to go to work. Stay and soak!

Early Riser

From the weathered tile to the crown moulding of the cabinets, this kitchen all but disappoints. A dark walnut window trim draws your eyeline to the outdoors and frames the space for the light to shine on this masterpiece.

Room for Days

5 different bedrooms, one household. These are part of the Jefferson House that we built new.

Subway Simplicity

The smooth, white subway tile is not only beautiful, it is practical. It is easy to clean. You have lots of space for your makeup bag with the oversized vanity here!

Wide Open Spaces

Between the neutral colors and the beautiful fireplace, this is a place you could call home.

Natural Light

2 windows bring in plenty of light into this master bathroom. This bathroom has both a tub and a walk in shower.

New Beginnings

New cabinets, new granite countertops and a fresh wood grain tile floor completes this space. The undercabinet lighting really adds depth and gives you much deserved lighting to your task at hand.

Glass Space

With a marble fanity top, full glass doors and beautiful shower tile, you can't go wrong on this space.

Copper Collection

The elongated copper mosaic tile backsplash is one of the most unique we have ever done. A gorgeous addition to this kitchen that is also easy to clean! The white shaker cabinets gives great depth to the counter.

Bold Shaker

The shaker style vanity cabinets bring a straight, contemporary looks that is sure to please even the biggest skeptics. Add the wood grain, heated tile floor and you have youself a favorite place.

Speckled Space

It's no surprise that a tile backsplash emphasizes the tone and look of a kitchen. With this glass mosaic tile, it's hard not to notice the beauty and size of the chef duty stainless range.

Stainless Cherry

The bold look of the cherry stained cabinets bring a warm beautiful look into this space. The stainless utilities offer a timeless look that is sure to please for a long time.

Maximized Living

The colors and layout of this area reminds us of a Feng Shui space.

Deep Space

No astronaut necessary here. The nice deep, & light color countertop really absorbs the light and illuminates the area where you will be working on your next meal creation. Cabinets are custom designed to go all the way to the ceiling to mazimize their storage space.

Easily Entertained

This livingroom/familyroom comes complete with a bar and a very articulate set of shelves that offer great depth for the space.