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About Us


We pride oursleves on our trend-setting design in every project.


Second to none in the industry. Simply put, if you aren't happy, we aren't happy.


We work tirelessly to ensure that each and every project that we have is completed on time.


If we say it, we mean it. No empty promises here.

Why choose us?

Admittedly, the construction industry gets a bad rap from a rather large percentage of contractors not living up to their word.

We pride ourselves with the service and quality that we provide. As far as we are concerned, time is the most valuble commodity.

We do not intend on wasting yours or ours. If you want punctual service, call on us.

Our work is award winning.


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Our home-based business is located in the heart of St. Paul, MN. Why would we need an office when we can come to you!
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